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Why use the Widget

In some cases it just might not be possible to deliver each visitor the same experience, specially when they are using outdated browser versions (think Internet Explorer 6). If no reasonable solutions lies within your timeframe or budget, the least you can do is warn those users and advice them to update to a newer version.

By including the Browser Compatible Widget into your website you give users the possibility to update before they proceed to your enriched content. And that's all it does, no tracking, no third-party ads, no spam. If you are not sure what to expect just hit the preview button.

1. Website


Configure this widget to inform visitors with an outdated browser that your website doesn't support certain browsers. You can advise users to update their browser before they visit your website. We don't track any data from your site, because your privacy is important to us.

2. Supported Browsers


Indicate which browsers are too old or not supported. All users with a lower version will be notified and adviced to update their browser. If your website is not compatible with any version choose 'not supported' or if fully compatible choose '100% supported'.

3. Style


Pick your style, choose between a warning screen at the top (header) or the bottom (footer).

  • Header Widget


  • Footer Widget


Note: By using the widget you agree to the terms (Terms of Service and Privacy Policy)